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About Us

Mission Statement
At Herb India the guiding principle has always been “Natural substance are more beneficial to natural body?and “Standardization is the base of systematic development?lt;/font>

Our Origin
About the quarter century ago in the city of KOTA, a team of dedicated Ayurvedic physicians felt the need of standardization in herbal formulation and systematic development of “Ayurveda?the science of life, keeping the view in mind Herb India developed the group wise specific formulation according to specific symptoms of individual system pertains in Dosh therepy by selecting the herbs as per their specific actions. Gradually Herb India has established principles “How any herb is highly effective? In the year of 1990 Herb India also felt that beauty can better improve by natural herbs than the chemicals, and started to develop easy and effective local applications and would got encouraging results.

Presently we are a group of Ayurvedic Physicians, modern pharmacist and experienced managers, who are busy in manufacturing quality and standardized products useful in common and rarely available elements with stabilizing ethics of such noble profession of promoting health and well being.

Ever since its inception Herb India has been dedicated to the promotions of Ayurveda and bringing the benefits of Ayurveda to the common man. Great emphasis has been laid on the selection of the right processed extracts of raw herbs and scientific methods of manufacturing herbal products. Today while the most of the fast acting modern chemicals are reactive. The peoples are seeing only the safe and effective medicines. Only the requirement is standardization and fast action. The Herb India is on this way and developing specific effect wise formulation is fulfill requirement of modern physicians.

Quality Control
Within the Manufacturing Plants independent Quality Control Laboratories manned by expert Botanists,Chemists as well as eminent Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Physicians) have been set up to ensure that the finished products conform consistently to a high level of quality.

Every raw material is arranged thorough specified laboratories, which are having total analytic equipment of histological and chemical examination including TLC. The Quality Control Laboratory also keeps a careful and close watch on the medicines under preparation. At every important stage of the production process, samples are drawn, examined and necessary guidance given to the Production Department whenever required.

Every finished product also comes to this Laboratory for inspection and approval. It is due to such rigid and ever vigilant Quality Control standards that Herb India products have come to be regarded as the finest specimens the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia has to offer. As far as genuineness and quality of the product are concerned, Herb India accepts no compromise.

The Future
The universal principles of the Science of the Life (Ayurveda) are applicable beneficial to the entire world. The group of Herb India feels the need to bring their extensive expertise to a wider audience around the globe in further pursuit of their belief in the service of health care.

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