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About Ayurveda

It is known that Ayurveda science is as old as the creation of living materials are originated. It is also known that no any body name made it but it is described by DEV PURUSH (by whom the universe is came into existence) & it is further examined & developed by YOGI PURUSH (the person who can see & understand beyond the knowledge created by any apparatus or instruments).

Thus Ayurveda is the knowledge of complete life science alike modern system of medicine i.e. it is not limited up to the knowledge of disease and but it also consist the knowledge of Sharira (body) as well as the knowledge of Mann (consciousness), Atama (soul), Vyavhara (behavior) & social system related with Vikriti (disease), the Ayurveda name eight divisions like ?

(1) Swasthya Vrit (Public & personal Hygiene)

(2) Agad Tantra & Vyavhara Ayurveda (Vish Vigyana ?Toxicology)

(3) Shalya & Shalakya (Surgery)

(4) Moulic Siddhant (Basic Principle)

(5) Dravya Guna (Materia - Medica)

(6) Ras Shastra & Bhaishjya Kalpana

(7) Bal ?Roga Chikitsa (Padritics)

(8) Stri ?Roga Chikitsa (Gyanic & Abstsetics)

In this way we can easily understand that it is enough and up to date science, unfortunately its most of the knowledge which was available in thousands of books was destroyed by “Mughal emperors?and balance some important books was lifted by British people & now we have only the knowledge which was in the memory of Ayurveda followers by transmitting it to next to next generation, & it is now put at alternative system of treatment.

Infect the Ayurveda is basic and universal system of life science & this fact is being accepted by eminent scientist, one of the most important specific ness of its natural phenomena is that any one drug & herb which have no any side effect the same have its antidote in the same form. 

The structure of the body is made up of five elements ie Prathvi (Solid), Jala (Liquid), Agni (Energy), Vayu (Gases) & Aakash (Vacuum) & the functional aspect of body is governed by three biological humors viz. Vat, Pitta, Kapha which are biological components of the organisms & they are govern psycho ?biological changes in the body and physio ?pathological charges too. All these Vat, Pitta, Kapha are present in every cell tissue and organ but in every person they differ at one level by birth or hereditary known as Prakriti and at second level by unstable changes due to any disease/diet/socioeconomic changes/climates etc.

We believe that according to Ayurveda science no medicine can be patentised for any systematic disease in the persons i.e. any one medicine for total disease related with gentile system or respiratory system. Of course it is experienced that any specific pathology belongs to a specific functional constituent of the body alike Cough & cold occurs mostly in persons having Kaphaj or Vata-Kaphaj Prakriti. There for we formulated the products for the specific ailments of the system according to Prakriti and nature of general people.   

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