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NIRMED Capsule (Anti- Cholesteric and Fat Reducer)

NIRMED dissolves fatty bile crystals of blood thus stops its deposition in the body with maintenance of hemoglobin and general health.

Expels fat and harmful lipids from their organs through the excretion.
Reduces the serum lipids.
Increases the R.B.C. of the blood.

Obesity, Arterio Sclerosis, Hypercholestremia.

One to two capsules 2 Hrs. after meal both the time with one to two tsp. of fennel (Saunfa) pulve.

The use of NIRMED dose not cause unnecessary tiredness or body pain.  

F.B. Herbal Spray (Aurvedic breast developing spray)

Most of woman after lactation (breast feeding) get their breast and lower abdomen loose and wrinkled. Some time breast may not be developed due to lack of gonads.

F.B. Herbal Spray is the line for the firmness of loose or wrinkled and fascia.

According to Indian meteria medica the constituent of F.B. Herbal Spray i.e. Shriparni ect. are proven best effective for improving the size of under developed breast and also for tightening the saggy or loose breast.

The nutritive contents of F.B. Harbal Spray help in toning and strengthening the underlying pectoral muscles and enhancement the flow of circulation.

The use of F.B. Herbal Spray is very simple. It does not require any massage or bandage on affected part, which may be harmful. One have to just spray the fluid after bath. She will require only one minute to dry up the fluid. There will be no any extra feeling on skin and she can wear the garments immediately.



Redsun (With honey)
Ointment (Cream), Face Pack, Soap.


Skin colored natural medication for acne (Pimples) Blemishes and dark skin. Redsun is the combination of natural (Herbal) origin, possesses in addition to itís local anti septic, anti obstructive and demulcent properties of the water soluble penetrating base which ensure and promotes itís penetration into the affected skin allows itís indication to be extended to include the forms of acne vulgaris (Pimples) decolouration, blemishes (dark circles to eye orbits) and dark skin (skin burns, ultra violate reactions, unnatural darkness etc.).

Remove excess oil
Open pimples & peeling away affected pimple caps (scars) drains out cysts to extract comedones.
Fight bacterias which can cause and spread pimples stimulates the skin to remove declouration.
Protect the skin from those penetrating sun rays, which make your skin dark.
Redsun ensures a prompt relief of acnes boils postulation and other local lesions provoking local irritation and by clearing channelís obstruction.


EAGOR (Capsule and cream)
For total health care and rejuvenation

The Production of semen with sperms and ova is the extract of whole bodyís physiologic (metabolic) actions, hence the restoration of semen keepís body fit in all aspects.
Eagor is purely herbal or natural non narcotic formulation which first tones up or stimulates all sapta dhatvagni (hormonal secretion to aggravate all body system.) then provide essential minerals, vitamins and proteins to the body. Eagor Capsule also generates gonads to produce follicle stimulating hormones and leutient stimulating hormones to produce sperms and ova through stimulation of testes and ovaries.

Rejuvenation to all body systems i.e. ?circulatory, digestive, cardiac, endocrine, musculo skeletal, reproductive etc.
Confidence in oneself to be alive in all the way.
Increasing in sperm count and motility as well as regular menstruation and flow of ova.
Eagor Cream is the medication in the management of unascended genetic organ through increasing local blood circulation and tightening loose ligaments.



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